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The web3 platform that merges cutting-edge technology with fashion.

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Next-Level Fashion

Fashion transcends the physical realm and is now in a higher unity with the digital reality. Physical clothes get their digital twins, digital creations get their physical manifestation. PHIBER elevates fashion to the next level for brands, creators and everybody else.

AI Powered Try-On

On PHIBER your digital fashion items and twins become wearable. Use our AR and AI to dress up digitally on live camera or on your best photos, ready to be shared on social media and ready to be worn in the metaverse.

Simple Blockchain Interactions

We simplify technology and aim to make it accessible to everyone. Create, sell and buy unique digital items in an experience that is as simple as any other online shopping experience. No more technical hurdles, and no cryptocurrency required.

Design Studio

PHIBER simplifies creation. Users get the chance to become creators and customize their digital garments with custom textures, text and logo packs. Creators and brands get the chance to co-create with our community and contribute textures and art to the design studio.


Join our web3 fashion platform and become one of the first witnesses of the next level of fashion, where the physical reality and the digital world merge into one. Experience how modern technologies like blockchains, artificial intelligence and augmented reality transform the way we buy and create clothes as one of the first examples of a true creator economy. And the best: in the future, you will choose how your clothes look and they will be made for your body, in the physical and the digital world.

The PHIBER team partners with brands and creators offering support and a complete ecosystem to embrace the digital enhancement of fashion.


Extend your brand into the metaverse. Take the chance to add another dimension to your products: duplicate your assortment of goods and create digital twins or digital-only products by minting NFTs using our easily accessible blockchain technology. Enable a deeper product experience for your customers and utilize the emerging opportunities in digital customer communication.



Welcome to the reality of the creator economy. Our platform is built especially with creators in our mind: we are on a mission to bring total freedom to creators. 95% of the profit is for you. On PHIBER, you have everything necessary at your fingertips to facilitate digital product creation and distribution. Become a PHIBER creator and experience what fairness means today.


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