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A platform that merges cutting-edge technology with fashion.

PHIBER allows you to easily create wearable NFTs, either as digital twins of existing physical products or as purely digital collections and to conveniently enjoy the new revenue streams enabled by blockchain technology. We allow your customers to wear your digital garments on photos and in videos and to share them on social media. As the NFT gaming world grows, we also facilitate the interoperability of the newborn digital assets, giving you a strong presence in the metaverse. As a cherry on top, the PHIBER team helps you to create compelling digital product experiences.


Digital Twins

Seamlessly add the digital dimension to your physical clothes. Imagine your customers will automatically receive a wearable NFT when buying clothes in your shop: this is now possible with PHIBER. After the purchase in your ecommerce solution, your customers will receive a QR code to redeem and use the digital twins via PHIBER.

Digital Collections

Leverage the flexibility that is only possible in the digital realm. Respond to world events within a day, create special gimmicks for your customers or test how a collection will be perceived by your customer base pre-production. Wearable NFTs offer a way to strengthen the bond to your audience and to communicate in ways that lift the customer experience to another level.

Deep Product Experiences

Embark on the digital path to let your customers experience the depth your products can obtain by going beyond physicality. As digital identities and experiences becoming increasingly important to humanity, let us pioneer together. Invite your audience to immerse in the magical worlds only the digital realm can offer and thereby increase loyalty and your presence in social media and augmented as well as virtual reality.

Discover Revenue Streams

Using PHIBER for your digital twins and collections opens up new revenue streams for you. Not only the initial sale will contribute to your revenue but also every secondary market transaction will thanks to our smart contracts on the blockchain. The cherry on top: everything is completely transparent as all blockchain transactions are publicly available. Don't miss out on Skins 2.0 - and have skin in the game.






Extend your brand into the metaverse. Take the chance to add another dimension to your products: duplicate your assortment of goods and create digital twins or digital-only products by minting NFTs using our easily accessible blockchain technology. Enable a deeper product experience for your customers and utilize the emerging opportunities in digital customer communication.

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