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We are on a mission to bring total freedom to creators.

We want a future where the people who build the world own the world, a world where state of the art technology is accessible by everyone. This is why we have built PHIBER and this is why you get 95% of the profit.


Digital Creations and Twins

Do you have physical pieces you would love to have as their digital counterpart? Or did you already create digital fashion and are seeking ways to offer it to the world? We want you to focus on what you love to do and take away all the technical hurdles while preserving all the benefits of new technology. PHIBER allows you to easily create digital fashion items and enables your audience to wear it on their photos, in their videos and in the whole metaverse.

95% of the profit is for you

We make all the visions of a creator economy a tangible reality. PHIBER is here, and PHIBER gives you 95% of all the profit if you provide the 3D models and the AR Lens, and 90% if we have to create them. We believe that the future we build must be fair and allow everyone to focus on what they love to do. But there is more: with every sale on the secondary market, you will receive further royalties. 9.5% of each secondary market transaction will flow into your hands.

Physical on-demand manufacturing

With PHIBER you can create your own physical fashion line on-demand with no upfront cost and enhance it with digital twins and a virtual try-on. With just a few clicks you are able to create a stylish merchandise collection containing T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweaters, Jogging Pants and Baseball Caps including the digital twins so your followers can immediately try them on in Augmented Reality. Contact us via to be one of the first.

Easy Onboarding

Even if you can just provide sketches or a tech pack, we can create the 3D model in Fashion CAD software like CLO3D or Marvelous Designer. Ideally however, you will send them to us - and even better: you can also create the AR Lens using the Snapchat Lens Studio. If not, we are here to help: a first starting point is our Onboarding Guide that you can find in the About section of this website. Afterwards, you only have to fill out your creator profile and we do all the rest.


Join the PHIBER movement today and help us transform the fashion world into its best version.

Sparked some interest, don't hesitate, we're happy to help!

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